• Bitcoiners are at an incredibly low adoption rate, with only .01% penetration.
• We need to convince more people to use Bitcoin in order to build a new system and defund fiat.
• To get the masses onto Bitcoin, we need to understand non-Bitcoiner perspectives and spread the word about our epiphany.

Bitcoin Adoption Rate

The current Bitcoin adoption rate is incredibly low, with only .01% penetration. This means that out of 2.2 billion people, only 250,000 hold 50% or more of their net worth in bitcoin – as measured by @CroesusSource.

Building a New System

In order for us to build a new system that will remain long after we are gone, we must fund it and defund fiat. To do this, we must give people the opportunity to vote with their money and opt out of the old system by understanding what Bitcoin can offer them.

Origin Story

Many of us have been so entrenched in this world for so long that it’s hard to remember how we viewed the world before becoming a Bitcoiner – which makes it difficult to see the world through someone else’s eyes who isn’t familiar with cryptocurrency. We believe that bitcoin can fix everything from climate crisis, inflation crisis, food crisis and authoritarianism – but how do we get others on board?

Force Pilling

We start by telling those closest to us about our epiphany – family members, friends etc – but all too often find ourselves met with uninterested responses. If we can’t crawl back out of the rabbit hole ourselves, where should we go next?

Spread The Word

In order for more people to get on board with bitcoin, they need to understand it first – and this is where spreading awareness comes in! By understanding non-Bitcoiner perspectives and talking about our experiences openly and honestly, we can help others realize why bitcoin is important and why they should join us in this blue ocean of opportunity when the system collapses!

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