• ZEBEDEE and VIKER have launched two Bitcoin-powered games: Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch.
• Players receive a revenue share from the game, meaning they can earn a few cents per session.
• The companies are planning to launch another well-known franchise soon.

ZEBEDEE and VIKER Launch Two New Bitcoin Powered Games

ZEBEDEE and VIKER have announced the launch of two additional games in their repertoire of Bitcoin titles: Bitcoin Chess (iOS and Android) and Bitcoin Scratch (iOS and Android). These games provide players with an opportunity to earn small amounts of bitcoin for playing the game.

Revenue Share for Players

Players receive a revenue share from the game, meaning VIKER splits what they’re earning from the game with the player. This creates a more engaging experience for players, leading to better retention, despite the revenue share being small amounts of money – just a few cents per session.

ZEBEDEE Payments Platform

The firms have chosen to work together by implementing ZEBEDEE’s payments platform into their games. This enables players to easily set up accounts, connect it to Viker’s games and withdraw bitcoin directly into their ZEBEDEE app.

More Engaging Experience

Dan Beasley, co-founder of VIKER stated that „implementing rewards with ZEBEDEE’s platform isn’t about players earning money, it’s about creating a more interesting and fun experience“. By providing these tiny rewards, regardless of if it won’t materially impact most people’s lives, it creates an even more engaging experience for users.

New Franchise Coming Soon

The two gaming firms are already silently preparing for their next launch which is promised to be „even more impactful“, as they will be adding the first very well-known franchise to their portfolio soon.

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