Beginners are by no means left alone at Bitcoin Digital, they too have a way to learn how to trade directly through the platform. For example, the Help Center includes a dedicated section for those who are registered on such a trading platform for the first time. Via several helpful articles, they can gain their first Bitcoin Digital experience and expand their knowledge.

The Bitcoin Digital Help Center is also the place where users can get in touch with support – although this is only possible in written form. After all, separate contact forms are provided for countless problems, which require the entry of relevant information. This way, the support can take care of the problem in a targeted manner.

Payment methods : Deposit only possible to wallet

After logging in to Bitcoin Digital for the first time, crypto traders will notice that the classic payment methods (credit card, bank transfer or e-wallet) are not available at Bitcoin Digital. The only way to transfer funds to the Bitcoin Digital wallet is either from another wallet or another trading platform. Depending on the intended trading method, traders have to choose one of the three wallets:

  • Exchange Wallet
  • Margin Wallet
  • Funding Wallet

Traders are encouraged to only transfer tokens of cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin Digital that are actually tradable on the trading platform. While the choice is basically wide, transferring an unsupported currency will result in its loss.

Additional offers: Services far beyond trading

On the surface, Bitcoin Digital is a trading platform that gives traders the opportunity to buy and sell numerous different cryptocurrencies. However, already the example of margin trading with the associated possibility to act as a pure investor shows that Bitcoin Digital is about more than just pure trading.

For example, there is the „Bitcoin Digital Token Sale“ feature, to highlight just one of several examples. Via this, new crypto networks have the opportunity to sell their digital tokens to interested parties. Since this serves in particular to finance these projects, the trading aspect is pushed into the background with this additional offer.

Trading platform promises high online security

Of course, security is also a top priority at Bitcoin Digital. For this reason, the trading platform uses various security mechanisms to defend itself against attacks from the outside. At the same time, users are encouraged to take security precautions as well. For example, they should use a secure password that is not used anywhere else and secure their account using two-factor authentication.

Despite all the efforts the platform is making today, it should not be forgotten at this point that security vulnerabilities have already been discovered and exploited in the past. This resulted in the theft of digital tokens worth millions on several occasions.

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